Charron Monaye Coaches Program

The purpose of Charron Monaye Coaches is to improve self-awareness, create an empowering attitude, unleash latent potential, transform one’s mindset, increase earning potential, cultivate one’s primary life purpose, and facilitate the achievement of personal causes and aspirations that will leave behind a personal legacy. You have started your journey to success, but do you have a map and the resources necessary to arrive at your desired destination?


  • Define one’s purpose
  • Create an “I CAN” belief system
  • Manage emotions, mindset, attitudes, and behaviors
  • Live in autonomy (freedom from others’ opinions and beliefs)
  • Be capable of sustaining healthy interpersonal relationships
  • Understanding and maintaining financial freedom
  • Live with personal integrity
  • Position their entrepreneur skills or dreams

When it comes to personal development coaching, my belief is that your potency in life is directly related to your purpose. Having a primary purpose kindles the fires of passion in your being. Passion is the energy, the fuel that drives you through challenges and into personal success. You become the key that unlocks the lock of your particular magnum opus. It is a higher work and I am here to serve you in its unfolding.


Charron Monaye Coaches is an effective, affordable and convenient way to get you the information you need to build the life of your dreams. In short, we’ll show you how we did it! You can sign up for a 30 & 60 minutes sessions or 3 hour monthly coaching sessions that will be geared to your growth, your dreams, and your life. This is an intense and extremely results-driven process that requires you to be open, willing, and available to receiving what is rightfully yours.

My Life Matters (30 Minutes)

30 minutes
  • This is a “get-focused” session to support you with brainstorming, bouncing off ideas, coming up with killer goals, and getting clear on how to execute. You will receive a “I Matter” T-Shirt and autographed copy of my coaching book “Love The Real You” that will further help you.
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My Lifestyle Matters (60 Minutes)

60 minutes
  • Are YOU Ready to take it to the next level?  With this session, we will look at your overall life…declutter your mess, create winning budgets, and get a clear understanding of how to get out of your own way. We can, also, discuss how to increase your credit score, execute your vision, become financially prepared, and/or learn how to write/publish that book within.  You will also receive an autographed copy of my coaching book “STOP Asking For Permission & Give Notice”, “I Matter” Living For Me! Vision Journal, and “I Matter” T Shirt.
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