I have had the great pleasure of working with Charron Monaye and it was truly a wonderful experience. Ms. Monaye is a true professional who gets her projects done in a timely fashion. The projects that I have done with her have been extremely successful. I wish her nothing but the greatest success and looking forward to working with Charron Monaye again.

Cassie Gainey

Actress, Producer, Host, Ladies Tell All Radio Show

Thank you Charron Monaye and Pen Legacy for welcoming me into the family! Our journey has been one of consistent growth and strength. Thank you for trusting me enough to share your stages, direct your visions, and bring your characters to life. You have been a major blessing in my life. Your pen has truly been my friend! Forever connected!

Ontaria Kim Wilson

Actress, Choreographer & Writer

It has been nothing but God that Charron Monaye and I met. When I reached out to her to inquiry about penning a stage play for me, without hesitation she accepted. She provided a timely and exceptional script and was extremely patient with me during the script writing and production processes. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with who could embrace my high expectations. Her vision is unbelievable and she is amazing with her pen. Not only has she provided me outstanding services and worked side by side with me, she has become a lifetime friend.

Franchella Simmons

Producer, Manager, Actress

Love the Real You is a book that will show you how to create a space for Loving Self in everything you do. Charron has provided true life coaching in the form of a book that I highly recommend for any woman and young woman seeking more out of life. Grab a copy of this book for yourself and your sister-friends and have an empowerment sleepover. Thank you Charron for sharing your gifts, talents and love with each reader.

Lucinda Cross

Chief Activator, Author, Motivational Speaker

Love…Love her book, Love the Real You. I had the Pleasure of Interviewing Ms. Monaye on my Radio Show, and What Electrifying Energy she Possesses!! Such an Inspiring book, that I found myself going back making notes on my kindle. Charron Provides Affirmations to the Readers that leave you feeling truly EMPOWERED and Ready to take on the World and Achieve Greatness!! I personally can’t wait to see what else is in store from Charron, but I got a feeling it will be Amazing. So if you want to read a book, that motivates you to DREAM again and Make those Dreams a Reality this Book is Just for You! I finished the book actually Loving THE REAL ME!!

Bianca Fly

Host, The Beautiful Butterfly Show

It is sometimes complicated to weed through a vast array of experiences to pinpoint ONE reason why we are who we are. It is sometimes complicated to understand why something is holding you back? Love the Real You will allow the reader to release and categorize all of the things that hinder them from loving within and externally. This book will aid in your mission to becoming your best self. This tool is necessary for anyone who really wants to take the initiative to be better. The exercises were great and provide a true reflection of where you are so that you can get where you want to go! She makes self-improvement simple!

Summer Willow Fitch

Mixologist, Author, Singer

My experience with Pen Legacy has been spectacular.  Charron Monaye, CEO of Pen Legacy, has been a tremendous asset in my first venture into the literary world.  She has been extremely supportive and extended an extreme amount of passion into getting my first book published.  Charron is very knowledgeable and puts her author’s success as her number one priority!  Pen Legacy has provided me with the opportunity to realize my dream as a published author.

Austin Harrison